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My classmate is pretty good. His mad body creates a sensation in every cock. My lustful eye was on her sexy body. How did my heart talk?
Hello friends, my name is Amit and I am a regular reader of the interior. I am currently studying engineering in Bangalore.
Here on the daily I enjoy reading sex stories of more than one writer on a daily basis. That is why I too have made up my mind to share my true sex story with you all.

This incident is about 2 months old, for me it is a very recent incident. So, I am writing it in some detail.
The heroine of this story is Amisha, who is my classmate. Ameesha is very beautiful to look at and has a figure of 32-28-34. This mad figure of him creates sensation in anyone’s pants. The day he comes in tight top, then students from other departments also come to know him once.

His moving boobies get anyone out of any work. I too had a heart on him from the first semester itself, but his nature is quite comfortable. She laughs and talks.
And everyone knows that he also has a boyfriend, who works in a company some distance away from Bangalore. Almost everyone was aware of her boyfriend, so no one would beat him.

Although in college, I do not talk to girls much because I feel a little nervous. But due to the role number of Ameesha ahead of me, I talk to her a lot.
Time passed and I grew more comfortable with it. Since both of us were living in the same group for almost three years, the conversation was bound to be more.

Once me and Amisha were put together in a class project. For this project, both of us were going to a company by bus.
Amisha was wearing a pink suit that day and had braided hair. Really, what was her dress and makeup giving a doom-like look. My attention was towards her two and other peaks, which were not only pressed by her pink suit, but the pinkish color was giving a slight glimpse of the inner view.

Those who have lived in this city will know that many companies are beyond the silk board and there is also a lot of pressure on traffic. That’s why both of us were going by a Volvo bus instead of going from our private vehicle. After traveling in a bus in Bangalore, the girls seat is in the front and the boys have to sit in the back. Since Volvo bus has very high prices, fewer people go to such luxury buses, that is why we were sitting together and were busy listening to songs with our own earphones.

Then someone on his phone would have sent a funny video, which he gave me one of his earphones to show me and we started enjoying that video together. An uncle of the adjacent seat was watching us both with strange eyes.
I got the idea that Uncle would have married himself in 14 years and formed a cricket team of 10–11 children, but if a 22–23-year-old boy even grabs his hands, his lungs start drying up.

Seeing me towards Uncle, Amisha asked with a hint, I told her in her ear that they are probably considering both of us as fun couples.
Ameesha shook my hand and said- Leave it man.
I ignored his eyes.
Meanwhile, in adjusting the seat, my hand had once touched Amisha’s mummies twice, but she knew that this happened in unknown, she did not say anything.

After a while I was feeling that suddenly I felt like a soft mattress on my thighs. Opened my eyes, saw that those padded items were nothing but Amisha’s mangoes. Actually, the ticket had fallen from her hand and as soon as she bowed to pick her up, a biker crossed the front of the bus and the bus broke, causing Amisha’s ticket to come on my feet.

These bitches drive two-wheeler in such a way that if they do not drive half the city in ten minutes, then their cocks will fall. But today I was thankful to them for what I had realized due to these pussy.
Amisha tried to lift her ticket by keeping her milk on my thighs and meanwhile, seeing my sleep open, she apologized to me and sat upright.
I picked up his ticket and picked up my bag from the foot and kept it in my lap. It was necessary to keep this bag in my lap, because my standing cocks needed such pressure or else where the cocks were going to be imprisoned in tights.
Amisha had realized this, but she was unable to say anything.

After some time, both of us got down at our stop and the company we both had to go to, we went there and after two hours of work came to eat food coupons of the day. After working for one more hour after leaving the kulchas in the canteen inside the company, both of us caught the bus to return.
Ameesha’s mind was down and she was not even talking much. After the bagged scandal, I was not able to ask much.

I was seeing that Amisha was calling her friend Komal again and again, whose PG was near my stop. Her friend was with her boyfriend, so she would not have time to breathe, the phone was a distant thing. I knew that Ameesha also had a boyfriend

Along with her friend’s PG, she used to stay busy in the night. Her friend did not live on PG that day.
Amisha called the phone three or four times, when she did not pick up the phone, she looked at me and she also understood this. He stopped calling.
My bus stop was half an hour before Ameesha as she lived in a college hostel.
After a while, Amisha told me – I had to use the bathroom, so I was calling her. He is probably not on his PG.

I took out his teeth and understood his giggle.
Then I opened the map and looked for a mall, but that too was far away. I told him to go to my room and lighten up there. By then, your friend may also come back. Then you stop at the same PG.
He said – okay.
Then 15 minutes later we both got off at my stop.
When I saw a public bathroom in the middle, I told her to tease that if I am afraid to go to my room, then I can go here for Rs 10.
She smiled and bid me slap my leg.

I laughed.
We both came to my room and opened the gate and saw that the condition of the room was very scattered, due to the dirty habit of a bachelor boy like me. A crunchy packet was waiting in front of us. I kicked off.
She went to the bathroom smiling and I immediately started cleaning the room. I quickly tried to remove the smell of cigarette and alcohol settled in the room with room spray.
After a while she came and sat on the bed. I was sitting down and running the laptop.

He laughed and told me that it seems that the entire room freshener has been finished today.
We both laughed again and she started calling her kamoodi friend Komal.
I asked to see a TV show till then, so she agreed. We were both sitting down and watching that show on my laptop, but my attention was repeatedly going to its boobs.

My mind’s touch of her moms in the morning had forgotten my mind, but I was not able to forget the cocks. The lightly plunging lipstick of her pink lips was mesmerizing me. At that moment neither I remembered his boyfriend, nor friendship, just both of us and this was a moment.
I forgot everything and put my lips on his lips. We were almost kissing for a moment and I felt like everything will happen today. But suddenly he probably realized and he slapped me and started going.

I was speaking sorry to her, but she was not listening to anything. She immediately went to her hostel by holding an auto. I was ashamed of my actions. I messaged him three or three times. She was just ignoring the message.
I told him how long I was attracted to you and this was the reason.
But there was no answer to that.

After half an hour Komal’s phone came and she asked- Amisha had messaged that she would stay with me at night and now she is not picking up the phone. Do you know where he is?
I said that she had missed some work, so she went to the hostel.
Hearing this, Komal kept the phone.
I silenced my phone and went to sleep cursing the cocks that brother-in-law forgot the friendship of so many days just in lust.
Sleep broke due to hunger at 5 in the morning, then saw that 8 messages of Amisha were received in the phone.

When you pressed the button to read, he saw that he had deleted all the messages. He deleted all those messages at 3:30.
I did not understand what to do.
Just had to do a year as well as a class. Most important, we had to go for two days and company too. By the way, on the very first day we had done technical work and now all we had to do was to take data entry and signature.
At 9 o’clock Amisha messaged that we have to catch the 10 o’clock bus.
I did not respond.

He also got a call 4-5 times, but I did not pick up. I could not understand how I would talk to him.
Then when Komal got a call, I told that my health is bad, you tell her that she should go alone today.
Komal was talking to me normally, meaning Amisha did not tell her anything. I could not understand anything.
At 3 in the evening, Amisha again called twice, which I allowed to ring. I knocked on my door after about one and a half hours. When I opened the door, I saw Amisha standing in front.

The ground slipped under my feet. I apologized to him and said that I was not able to leave due to ill health.
She came in and sat down and I installed the gate. Today Amisha wore a blue top and dark blue jeans. When I was standing in front of him, I could clearly see his cleavage. I was feeling that between the two mountains, I should give rest to my cindy, but I remembered myself because I remembered yesterday.

Then I asked him to change the talk- you even remembered the way to my house in a single day?
He said that it is directly from the bus stop.
I was looking at the fan above and she was looking down at her green painted nail.

Then I said- listen well .. what happened yesterday…
He cut the matter in the middle and said- Look, we both know what happened yesterday, so don’t say anything about it. Do you know about Sagar (his boyfriend). But I have not met the ocean for a long time, so you also understand physical hunger. That’s why when you kissed me yesterday, I did not immediately say anything. But I made a mistake. So I went away.

It was late to hear that I broke down on Amisha’s lips without thinking.
Suddenly seeing this enthusiasm, Amisha was shocked. I was sucking her lips and in a couple of minutes she opened her mouth. I grabbed his head from behind with both my hands and started kissing hard. She slowly crossed my speed and she started kissing me too loudly.
Then I put my mouth on her neck, which caused her to shrug and slowly started giving the sarcasm of ‘M M M … ah ah ..’.
Now I started pressing both my hands from the top of the T-shirt on her shapely mummies.

Hi Ram, I can’t tell what I was feeling at that time, but you can understand how many times you run a hand pump with your hand, but when you press the mamma of a cool item in the hand for the first time, then its Addiction is something else.
I immediately removed her top and started having fun while pressing her fingers on top of her pink bra. She was also supporting me with a sensuous voice.

Then I was just about to open the hook of her bra that she held my hand and said- Just promise never after today… and I do not want any feelings.
At that time, if she would have promised me to roam around in 30 days wearing girls clothes, I probably would have done that too.
I quickly removed her bra and started admiring her spilling mummies. Ah what cool boobs they were! It seemed as if a craftsman had shaped them for a long time.

I immediately started pressing both of Amisha’s mums and tasted her brown nipple. Since I had no girlfriend, I did not even have a condom.
I started feeling sorry for this, but I thought that I should satisfy it today. I tried my best to open her tight jeans, but failed.
I wish it was as easy as sex porn. Perhaps those porn star’s lullabies would never get stuck in a zip either.
Seeing my effort, she laughed a little and took the jeans off herself. When I lowered her pink panty, I saw that her smooth pussy and pimples were also trimmed.

I understood that the decision of sex was definitely my feeling, but it was Amisha.
I started tasting his Bur taste with my tongue and slowly started to tongue it inside the pussy.
My cock was yearning to come out of my shorts. I let him come out.
Now both of us have come to the 69 position.

Amisha said- Why is the forest grown here?
I said- I knew a little that it would visit your cave. Otherwise I would have made it barren land.
She laughed a little and took my cock in her mouth. Here I was creating a storm in her pussy with the tongue.
After getting touch of his tongue only three or three times I fell in his mouth. He drank all my semen after making an angry face.
I asked with a hint – what did it taste like?

So he laughed and replied that it was cool.
After a few moments I straightened up and climbed on top of it. Gradually kissed her mother and began to put a finger in her twitching pussy.
I said- I wish I had a condom, then the matter would have been something else.
She started laughing and searched her purse. He took out a condom packet from the purse. On inquiring, it was found that she was coming with Komal and had made arrangements to take my cocks. He told Komal on Komal’s inquiry that Sagar was coming to meet him next week. That is why he took a condom from Komal.

On seeing the packet of condom, new energy came into my body and I quickly put it on my cock. Then slowly started putting the betel nut on the slits of her tight pussy. My cock was slowly going in and out of her pussy and her moaning voice was coming out even more.
I slowly increased the speed, so he held the bed tightly and shouted loudly ‘Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Yah…’

I understood that she is going to fall, so I started rubbing her mums too tightly and began to bite the nipples lightly with teeth.
She immediately collapsed and now she felt relaxed. I was still left, so I changed the position and did it in doggy style and started fucking it fiercely. I extended my hand and held her mummies and started mashing them with impunity. I had started fucking very fast at this time. She was charged again.

Both of us had reached the climax of lust pleasure and within two minutes I fell in her tight pussy. My juice was in a condom, so both of us were carefree.
We lay on top of each other for half an hour and then she dressed, kissed me and proceeded towards the hostel.
As promised, I never talked to her again about sex and we both started behaving normally. Now whenever we are alone in college, I sometimes suppress her mother and she also laughs. contact

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