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My cock used to get up after seeing the mum of a married sister in my neighborhood. I used to enjoy moving his cock after imagining his cock. How did I fuck her pussy?

My name is Raj, I am from Pune. Hello to all of you.
This is my first Hindi sex story. I am writing for all of you with great courage, if I make any kind of mistake, please ignore and enjoy the sex story. This sex story is from a few days ago.

There was a married woman in my neighborhood, she was very good looking. His name was Neetu. Neetu’s figure was also cool. Seeing the upheaval of his mother, the boys used to erect cocks. I used to get a lot of opportunity to see him. Whenever she bent and swept, I used to get more than half of her nipples. My cock used to get up and I used to get very happy to move my cock while imagining her fuck.

He used to talk to me too, but I used to take great care of it that no wrong thing should come out of the mouth and the mother of honor should be chud.
One day I was sitting outside my house, she was going in front of me. I said giving voice – Neetu, where are you going?
He laughed and replied – Nowhere was the leisure, then just went for a walk.

I said – if you mean free, then come sit.
Without any hesitation, Neetu moved her chair closer to my verandah. Right now his pallu was a bit moldy, due to which his cleats were clearly visible.
I asked- Will Neetu take anything?
He said – no, there is no one at your house?
I said no.

She did not say anything. We both kept talking for a while. After that she left. During this time, my eyes remained on her mother.
Although I was taking care that my peepasu eyes might not know him, but he says that a woman’s senses tell him that someone is watching over him. He also understood the same thing. So she was smiling a little while going. At that time, in his eyes, only his shaking fingers and humming ass was visible.
As soon as he left, I went inside and killed him, then my cock got quiet.

Then she came to my house in the evening.
I was sitting in my verandah at that time.
I asked- Who is Neetu looking for?
He said with a laugh – only you.
I said – I am right here. Say what happened?
She came and sat near me and unexpectedly put her hand on my back. I was speechless.
Then Neetu said – don’t you have a girlfriend?
I said in a low voice – no. Why?
She started laughing after seeing my snigger tied. His laugh made me a little relieved and I was restless.

We both started talking. His hand was now frozen on my thighs. I too moved the chair closer to him and attached my arms to his arms in such a way so that he does not feel that I am turning his hand on his body.
After a while she said to me in a very strange voice – I am very thirsty.
I looked at him and told him to go inside the room, I thirst for you

Do something to quench
He looked into my eyes and nodded yes.
She got up and went towards the room and I went inside the kitchen. I took cold water from the fridge and put some pieces of sweet, in a plate and came near it.
She came inside the room. Then I came and saw that Neetu had opened a hook of her blouse, due to which her mother’s cracks started to appear. His pallu was also removed.

I looked at her mummies with seductive eyes and said- Lo Neetu eat sweets first, then drink water.
She said don’t sit… will you not drink?
Looking at her pussy, I said – I do not drink water… drink something else.
She started laughing and said with a wink – what do you drink… Say, shall I get it?
I said looking at her milk – yes you have it.
She removed the pallu of her sari and lifted her mummies and said – I have these mangoes… Take it.

As soon as he said this, I broke down on his fingers and filled him in my arms. She too clung to me and we both started kissing each other. I started rubbing her mummies and putting my mouth on her mummies, started sucking hard.
She too started to get intoxicating alcohol and she held me tightly. I was drinking her nipples like crazy.
She was saying – ah drank raj… suck it… a lot of fun is coming….
After drinking and rubbing her nipples for about 5 minutes, I stuck my lips on her lips and started kissing her loudly. She too was giving me full support. That to me

More chudasi came out. She used to kiss me like crazy, as if a girl is dying for sex.

Neetu kissed my whole face, took off my shirt and kissed me in my chest. Then he opened my belt with impatience, and as soon as my pant was down, he saw my erect cock.
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Mouth uhh uhh mouthh… was coming out of both of us.
He sucked my cock for about five minutes. Now my water was extracted. I said- Neetu, my water is going to drain.
She said with the gesture of hand – let it come… I will drink.

At the time of her gesture, I was ejaculated and Neetu drank all my semen. I could not tell how much I was enjoying at this time.
Even after squeezing the juice of my cock, he did not stop sucking my cock. I was still kissing her, but now my cock was loose and she was playing with my cock.
In a short while my cock was erect again.

I pushed her tightly and said – Neetu now lie down… now I will fuck you.
She too quickly took off all her clothes and became naked. When I saw the naked sister-in-law, I got lust and I started playing with her mad body.
I caught him and laid him on the bed. He also spread his legs. He smelled of her pussy, which was making my cock more tight. His pussy was very swollen. Seeing her pussy, lightning ran in my body.
I immediately started licking his pussy. She was completely hot now. He started removing water from his pussy.

She was being said with a drunkenness – ah… now is not tolerated, quickly put your cock in my pussy!
But I was going to lick her butter like soft and puffed pussy. Seeing her yearning, I was getting more lust.
One minute and I licked her pussy, so I was not going to stay with her. He pushed me and grabbed my cock and placed it on my pussy and started trying to take the cocks by picking up the ass. I too had made up my mind for her sex.
As soon as I hit the first thrust, her scream came out – ah died…

I did not pay any heed to her scream and then threw a bomb Pilat. She groaned and started squeezing the sheet with her hands. In a couple of jerks, his pussy had suffered cocks and now I too had started putting his whole cocks and fuck him.

Now an intoxicating voice started coming from his mouth- Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yahh… Uyyee… Eee. … Pour and pour in.
I was now fucking her loudly and she was also fucking her ass. The loud voices in his lust were stirring my cock – Ah Chodo and Chodo Raj… I am hungry of cocks… Ah and fast and fast ah… Annna… Uhunuuu… Chodo… Tear my pussy… and Chodo… complete Pour cocks

After almost ten minutes of chudai chudai, she screamed outright. She had fallen. His ass had become a bit of water, which I started to feel on my cock. The sounds of remorse and regret were coming.
When a woman’s pussy falls, then she probably fights with cocks that now you too can fall. This is what happened to me After about a minute, I too fell into his pussy.

Drinking water from cocks had a feeling of fulfillment on his face. I too got tired of falling and was wrapped up in it.
She was kissing me and said – Ah Raj today I am very happy… You have fuck me properly. … My husband does not fuck right.
After some time we had our second round and after this one-hour chudai program she went to her house.

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