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“A good example of this would be something that’s called a four-hand massage. Basically a four hand is literally four hands, meaning two girls, so that would be a pretty good red flag.”

“It’s a very clear message that Fresno’s going to take very seriously people engaging in human trafficking. We take very seriously people having businesses that impact neighborhoods adversely, such as these massage parlors, that are really prostitution dens. Not gonna happen,” Garry Bredefeld a Fresno city councilmember said.

A tip led detectives to Angel Massage and after scoping out the foot traffic, officers knew it was a good spot to serve up a search warrant. With the help of the FBI, officers first arrested the workers inside, then took over the business.

But they wired and rigged it up before re-opening it, posing as massage therapists.

“Unbeknownst to the individuals coming into the establishment, looking for illicit sex acts, that they were going to be actually negotiating for these illicit services with an undercover detective,” said Fresno Police Detective Sgt. Sean Biggs.

Three women working inside were taken to police headquarters and booked. The ladies only spoke Mandarin Chinese. They were cited for operating a house of prostitution.

Detectives are treating them as victims, but they didn’t have much to say to police about the business.

Once officers went to work, one man after another came in – for more than a massage. That’s when they were told they were under arrest for solicitation of a prostitute.

“Once the reality started setting in, we had a few that were begging, they were begging. They didn’t want to be caught in a situation they were caught in.”

Some cried knowing that their names will eventually made public as part of Operation Reveal.

Officers say it was clear some of the male patrons weren’t first-time visitors, but it was their first time confronted by a cop. Every ticket issued was a first-time offender.

Detectives say one clue a business may be operating illegally is through some items offered on the massage menu. Fantasy Massage Service Chandigarh

Fucking hell. I really feel for my Fresno erotic massage addicts. Where I’m from, the only erotic massage pitfalls we face are the odd dry handjob or the occasional elderly masseuse. I can’t imagine the horror of negotiating some juicy extras and the only dirty talk from the masseuse is “you have the right to remain silent” – how quickly must that deflate an erection?

These type of massage raids / busts / seem to be more and more common and I’m positive I’m not alone when I say, what a giant fucking squandering of resources they are. So in a joint operation between Fresno police and the FBI, all they managed to charge were three Chinese masseuses and 15 guys (number was mentioned in another article) looking for a massage happy ending.

The police of course know that this type of bust targeting the criminal enterprise of the infamous “rub and tug clan” generates all sorts of negative buzz so they swiftly default to the “human trafficking” spiel so we feel like people are being saved and not just a bunch of horny dudes being prosecuted.

“A good example of this would be something that’s called a four-hand massage. Basically a four hand is literally four hands, meaning two girls, so that would be a pretty good red flag.” – We have a genius on our hands people, whenever I saw a “four hands massage” advertised I just assumed I was going to get rubbed down by Goro from Mortal Combat, never once did I suspect it would be two girls massaging me? Hate to break it to officer IQ, but I’ve had four hands massages in upscale places like international hotels without any hint of a happy ending so it’s a pretty shitty redflag!

I’ll stop ranting as these type of busts tilt the fuck out of me and I’ll touch on how you can avoid this type of bullshit in a future update. Until then, enjoy the massage porn and I’ll have a new erotic massage update milked out during the week.

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