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Hi Friends, you guys are welcome to Nonways I read its sexy stories every day and enjoy. You people will also speak to read the sexy and juicy stories here. Today, for the first time, I am telling you my erotic story. For many days I was thinking of writing. Forgive me if I make a mistake.

My name is Amanat Malik. I have been doing Geelogo work for the last several years. My financial condition was not good, so I had to do this work. I’m a sexy man anyway. I am a resident of Ajmer and in the vicinity work with sexy couple to make her bibi enjoy her. In this, I make good money. Some couple give me up to 20 thousand. I am a sexy man and my aloda is 9 inches. It is quite thick and powerful. Friends, I send pictures of my alore to sexy couples on Facebook and Whatsup, so many replies come.

Those couples like my fat Aloda. Then talk on the phone. When the couples are ready to bear all my expenses, then only I hold the bus or train and go to them and fuck their bibis. All the men are very satisfied with my service. I do not let their bibis sleep overnight. 4 months ago. I talked to a couple by broadcasting on my webcam. His name was Rajneesh and Hansika. Those people were also residents of Ajmer. They asked me to represent my Alore on webcam. When I beat my 9 ”cocks and performed my weapon for several minutes, I liked both. After that I also asked Rajneesh to show her Bibi milk and pussy on webcam. Hansika was a woman with white chitti and coffee nan. I was staring at the staring.

Then Hansika started getting nude in front of me and started opening her blouse. Friends, when I saw her milk bulge from her blouse, I was quite happy. Because Hansika’s body was very sexy. His pigeons looked larger than 34 ”. Then after opening Blouse, she also removed her bra. His pigeons were in very good condition. Stem and grated. There was no hanging around because I do not like women with hanging and swinging milk.

“Hansika darling !! Just show your milk by pressing it with my hand.” I said on webcam then Hansika started pressing her milk in front of me to show her body. I had a lot of fun. Then when Rajneesh showed his Alore, I laughed because his Aloda was only 5 “. I understood that Rajneesh is not able to fulfill the pain of his young and beautiful Bibi Chudane. That’s when he needs me. Our talk started and after a few days Rajneesh called me
“Hi Manish !! My darling likes your Aloda very much. You can come and fuck me in my own home someday !! ”Rajneesh said

I take the money for this. Does not do anything for free “I said” How many people do you have? “Rajneesh said on the phone
After that the deal was fixed at 8 thousand. Rajneesh was also from Ajmer, so I did not have any problem in going to his house. After that I started talking to his wife Hansika. His voice was quite good and sweet. Then everyday started talking on the phone. A few days later I reached Rajneesh’s address. Entered his house.
“Come come Manish !! Now you are special friends of both of us brother !! ”Rajneesh said shaking hands with me

I also happily joined hands. Our talks started. I told Rajneesh that I have been working as a jigolo for the last 5 years. After that I started looking at his wife Hansika. She was in a red top and pajamas and opened her black hair. His hair was very long, thick and black. “Come, please let me kiss” I said to Hansika
“Darling !!” Your heart has arrived. Today Manish will feed you his fat cock. Look, don’t be shy and openly welcome Manish. ”Rajneesh said, I saw Hansika’s shame and took hold of her hand and sat on the couch near me. Quickly took Pappy on his blond cheek. Both of them had no children yet.

1 year had passed for their marriage. When Hansika started trying to move away, I grabbed her hand and did not let go. Hansika was a pure indigenous product. Eyes were very big and had a dot on the forehead. A large Mars sutra was hanging around his neck. Today her husband was going to fuck her non-man. His big round shape milk was visible on the red top itself. I laid my hands on her milk in front of Rajneesh and swung her hands over the nipple.
“I… am… look in front of you, I am not saying anything. But at night only you talk about eating cocks “Rajneesh said looking at his wife Hansika

“I will serve your wife well today. I will not give anyone a chance to complain. ”I said after that Hansika went to fetch tea. She went to the kitchen after shouting a big ass. His figure was a comfortable 36 30 34. Lund stood looking at her. Even before me, Rajneesh had given a kiss to Hansika from a non-male few months back. He used to enjoy seeing his wife getting fuck by non-men. Rajneesh used to have threesomes with a foreign man, in which both men used to fuck Hansika. After a while I drank tea, then Rajneesh took me to a nearby model shop. He took a big bottle of good liquor and talked very sexy.

Then we both came home after drinking. Hansika made chicken. The three had dinner. Hansika then came to the bedroom by 9:30 in the night wearing a night suit. Rajneesh wanted to do threesom with me. Slowly, both of us took off our clothes. Then Hansika lay on the bed near him.

“Manish!! Today please put my wife like a prostitute! Do no mercy! ”Rajneesh said while licking his cock
I sat on the bed head and seated Hansika on my lap. Her body looked quite sexy in pink night. Hansika was wearing bracelets and bangles in the hands and kept a mehendi in the hands. Pink lipstick was applied with lip liner on the lips and came to me after makeup. I made him sit on my lap and started chewing on my cheeks. The hot goods were seen in the smooth clothes of Naity. When I lifted her pink beauty from near the feet, her white legs were visible.

Then I put Hansika on the bed. Her sexy thigh glowed when she lifted her nightclub up and over her thigh. I became erotic and started caressing her thighs with both hands. Hansika SCEEE… .aaaaaaa… .haya started I bent over and kissed her sexy white thighs. While doing so, I reached upstairs and saw her panty. I removed her panty. I did Hansika’s beauty upstairs and now she was naked in front of me. Her pussy was in front of me.
“Look my darling has cleaned her pussy hair very well Manish just to eat your aloda” Rajneesh said

I enjoyed watching Hansika’s Bhosari for a while. Then he started licking with tongue. Quickly he started taking mouth and started taking her pussy juice. Was licking with a tongue. In 5 minutes Hansika started having fun. She began to “Kkahhhhhhh Ssiiiii … Kaaaaa … Kaha … ha CCC Ohh” ha ha. I began to lick me happily. And openly I cut Rajneesh’s woman’s pussy in front of her. Rajneesh took out a webcam and started making videos. When he used to fuck his woman with a foreign man, he used to make his video. I was happily drinking Hansika’s full pussy. Was licking like a cute dog. Quickly tongue licking and drinking. Rajneesh was filming both of us.

“Oh Manish !! … .Ssssssssssssss ……. You are a very sexy man. Lick baby !! And lick !! ”Hansika started saying. Hearing this, I started licking more. Rajneesh gave me a thick 12 ”dildo.
“Put it in my wife’s pussy friend” Rajneesh said
Now I slowly started inserting dildo into Hansika’s pussy. And then the thick strong dildo got into his bosom. Hansika’s pussy lips dislocated. When I started running the dildo inside and out, Hansika started doing “…… …i… …i…. …I …… …i…. Rajneesh was making pictures of both of us with Handycam. I started to put the thick dildos in and out. I had a lot of fun

Too. Till 15, Dildo continued to drive in Hansika’s pussy. Then she became a loser. She started shivering and filling up loudly. I took out the dildos and inserted my 2 fingers into his cock and started tearing quickly. Hansika started falling soon. Saying “… .hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmm”, the waterfall erupted and like a pomegranate pomegranate, the water started coming up. I kept fingering in the pussy and for a few seconds there was enough water like a fountain when Hansika’s chudki came out and flowed down. Because I put it on the side of the bed.

Seeing such sexy pussy, I was again fascinated and started to drink pussy with tongue again. I sucked both the lips of the pussy and drink all the juice. Understand that it is eaten. “What a sexy pussy it leaves its water. Otherwise, no matter what happens, if you put a finger in the pussy of many women, I started thinking about myself. After that Rajneesh also came. He put his handycam on the table near a TV and came naked. He gave his cock in Hansika’s mouth and started sucking. “Manish!! Now Chod to my Bibi !! ”Rajneesh said

I began to beat my 9 inch Alore. Muth kept beating for a while. Then each one of the cocks was destroyed. “Naati utar randi !!” I said. Hansika took off her pink night and lay down completely naked, opening both legs. “Man, Manish, you are a real man. I am ashamed to see my small cock in front of you ”Rajneesh said
I smiled. After that I grabbed my cock and started banging on Hansika’s pussy. He kept banging her erotic pussy for some time. Then rubbed and rubbed the cocks on her sexy brown brown lips.

Hurtika suffered a lot. She used to think that I will insert her cocks now and again, but every time I would wear her hat. The thick top of the cocks kept rubbing the brown brown and pink lips of the pussy for a long time and Hansika kept doing “Aaaa … .. Aaa …. Hmmmmm Ahhhhhhhh … ccc c..ha ha ha ..”. Then it was not right to suffer too much. In the end, the top of the cock rammed into the pussy with a little push. Hot hot Hansika’s sensation was felt and pushed a bit more then my 9 ”cocks penetrated her pussy completely. Hansika started filling up I grabbed her waist and started fucking.

Rajneesh was cool as soon as he saw it. Both of us also had a drink, so the weather had become very colorful.
I only took a few pegs because today Hansika had a fuck. I was lifting my ass, going deep into her pussy and giving it to her. Hansika stretched both her legs in the air like a rand. I started pushing very quickly. Her pussy was quite tight. I was shocked to see her looking like a brown Bhosi. When Aloda used to enter, Hansika said “U U U U U… AAAAAAAAAAAAAA… CCCC” ..

Used to do There was no doubt that the rub of my alore in her pussy was giving me the ultimate pleasure. Hansika’s hot lips and sobs were boosting my morale. Rajneesh then grabbed his face and inserted his 5 ”aloda in his mouth and started sucking. In this way we did threesome work with all three and I wept Hansika’s pussy for 15 minutes. Then took out the cocks.
“Manish!! My brother!! Come, let this bitch kiss your cock till then I will take pussy pussy of this sister’s lorry ”Rajneesh said

I got up and walked towards Hansika’s face. Now Rajneesh licked her wife’s pussy for a while. 4 5 drops were left in my pussy. Rajneesh licked my goods as well and started licking his lady’s Bhosra nicely. I put aloda in Hansika’s mouth and she started sucking my betel nut in the mouth. “Beat it,” I said. Hansika started stroking my cock with her straight hand. I sat with him, bending my knees. After some time Manish started fucking his wife in front of me. I was also watching live telecasts. Enjoying the live show. I started caressing Hansika’s milk with my hands. She started doing

“Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh….” Was sucking my cock in mouth. Friends, in this way, Rajneesh and I choked Hansika all night long. Made him a bitch. Then both men acquitted her ass with bari.

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